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Request a speaker

I (Tara) am always stoked for opportunities to share our story. Consider having No.41 at your next event and I would love to join you! Due to my nomadic lifestyle, I may not be able to fulfill every request, but I’d love to try! Contact us for more information.



Partnership is our jam; it’s at the core of what we do! If you’ve got a great idea, a cool organization, or a fun project we’d love to hear about it!  



We love interns! Not only are you going to have a front row seat to the ins & outs of sustainable business, receiving some valuable hands-on experience in how a non-profit runs, your position will be vital to our growth as an organization. We love and encourage fresh ideas! You are going to have opportunities to start new initiatives and will be expected to take the lead new projects. Be prepared to be challenged and stretched. Hopefully, in a good way!