When you shop with No.41 you are not just buying a Product. You are supporting dignified employment. You are investing in a community-- in sustainable development.

Most of the women in our program came from extremely vulnerable situations. At No.41 they are provided with skills training, business training, and access to the global market. Their work is more than just a job or a set of skills, it is dignified employment and a tangible way of showing these women that they are seen. We see their hopes, we believe in who they are, and we support their dreams for the future. They matter and the work they are doing matters. These women are not victims, but heroes, and they are just getting started. 

'Sewing' back into the Community

To whom much is given much is expected and we are honored, because of you, to be able to give back to our community; sharing our resources with local, grassroots organizations working to create their own change. At a minimum, 10% from the sale of each item will be sown back into the community in the form of monetary donations or outreach projects. 

  1. hope for tomorrow

Hope for Tomorrow is an orphan prevention ministry partnering with the local government in our area to support mothers and families in the most vulnerable of circumstances, locking arms with them to care for their most vulnerable family members, babies. "...the cost of formula often far outweighs an average weekly income. Through sponsors Hope for Tomorrow provides bottles, health insurance, weekly formula, powdered milk, porridge, fresh fruits, infant cereal, and sugar." And they don't just meet nutritional needs, they have built a community addressing emotional, social, medical, and spiritual needs of the families as well. Mothers learn life skills and go to literacy classes and are empowered to support themselves and each other in the future.