Where is She Now?

Hey there! Tara here. I hope y’all are having a great week!

Remember that last purchase you made from No.41? And that little card attached to it with a photo of the woman who made your product and few words about how you, dear world changer, changed her whole world? Well, we meant that.

Today I’m so proud to bring you a followup with our sweet Angel girl, to see what she’s been up to these days and just what No.41 and your love and support meant to her.

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Angel worked for No.41 for about a year before she was sponsored, through No.41, to go to university. Most that time she lived with me and, because of her school hours, she helped out mostly around the house rather than worked at No.41. This morning, we met for coffee at her new(ish) job in town. She works at Calafia, my favorite coffee shop, so even though she doesn’t live with me anymore, we see each other often.

Angel: *Enters the room, stunningly beautiful and laughing, as always.* Hey, sissy!

Tara: Hey, sis! How’s life?

A: It’s good!

T: Let’s talk about it.

A: A-hey! Do you want to see my resume?!

T: Hahahaah!! No. Let’s start with what you’ve been up to since you left No.41?

A: I left in….2014 to study. In 2017, I finished my studies in university and graduated with a degree in Travel and Tourism Management.

T: That’s impressive. Tell me some of the highlights of university. Favorite classes? Valuable lessons?

A: Guiding was my favorite. To guide tourists to visit Volcanos National Park; hiking mountains, seeing golden monkeys and gorillas…. I hate gorillas!

T: Hahahaa!! WHY?!

A: Because they are big, stronger than me. They kicked me! That’s why I’m scared about gorillas…. But I know how to speak their language *beats chest and growls low*. (She’s laughing, but not joking.) I know when they are talking happy, like playing, and I know what to do when they get angry.

T: OK. After university?

A: I was living in No.41 family (aka Tara’s house) and then I got my chance for internship with Calafia.

T: What’s Calafia?

A: Coffee shop.

T: What do you do there?

A: Administration Operation, managing money and inventory. And part-time barista! (You know, I have changed my resume, for now it’s so cute! Hahahahaah!) Because of this job I rent my own house, I’m responsible for everything myself.

T: Does that make you proud?

A: YES! When I came to the No.41 family I was so so sad with my life; I didn’t have hope for surviving, but now I have it. No.41 made me strong. Before I was in darkness, but now I have bright future.

T: What did you learn at No.41?

A: LOVE. Forgiveness. Take a decision! Be responsible. Work hard. Many things…..

T: What’s in the future for you? What’s next?

A: Flying!

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