She Is Priceless

In Rwandan culture, when a married couple (or single mother) has children, their names essentially change to reflect the identity of their first-born child. For example, the beautiful woman in the photo above is Patrice; however, when her first daughter Isimbi Benita Desange was born close friends, family members, neighbors, maybe even colleagues began to call her Mama Isimbi.

"I love my daughter, Isimbi. She is 8 years old. I got her from violence by the boy who wanted to be my friend by force. I stayed in his house for two weeks and got Isimbi since then! It is very difficult to be a mom. Sometimes, when we did not have anything to eat, my daughter used to ask me, "We will live like this until when?" I used to cry and answer, "Sometime things will be better."

My job at No.41 has helped me so much, because I no longer cry! Now, I have people to talk to, I can pay school materials for my daughter, I can pay food, the rent of my house.... It makes me very proud to help myself and other moms fighting to feed their children. This is the unbelievable thing, that a lady like Patrice can do something helpful in the community. It is only the blessing from God! It makes me strong and confident of my future! I hope in future, Isimbi will finish her studies and become helpful in our community too."

Patrice had no idea that by the work of her very own hands she could, not only provide for her family, but come alongside so many other hardworking mothers in her community to help them provide for their families by providing school lunch to over 1000 students every day. 

TODAY! We are joining our hands around the world and raising money for 8 different non-profits who exist to empower women in oppression and poverty with She Is Priceless, a Global Giving Day.

We are donning our pearls (#putonyourpearls), taking selfless selfies, giving sacrificially and standing up to say we see these injustices, these desperate women who are begging God for provision so they don’t have to make desperate decisions.

Will you please join with us and read these words over women around the globe?

Will you give to one of the organizations we are partnering with–working in hard places, with the most vulnerable?

A pearl is a healed wound.  An oyster protects itself from irritation and suffering and the result is a priceless pearl.  The women supported by this campaign have endured unthinkable suffering in their lives and often feel forgotten.  

Might you join us? 

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