Happy 41Day!!

Today we join with people all over the world, chose to give up our lunch for one day, and donate what we would have spent to feed students in Rwanda. One meal, for one student, costs just $0.25. How much do you spend on lunch?

$1 feeds 4 children for one day,
$5 feeds 20 children,
$10 feeds 40 children...

$60 feeds one student, every day, for the entire year!

Over the last 4 years, the money we've raised on 41Day has provided 100s of 1000s of meals to students in our program. This year, our goal is to raise $8,000 (32,000 meals) in one-time donations and $500 a month in recurring donations. Every single penny goes directly to the efforts of No.41, specifically in the feeding program.

Because of you, our students know that every day they come to school, no matter what is going on at home, they will be served a hot, healthy lunch. They are each provided with a plate, a fork, and a cup for water. Food is prepared in a safe, clean environment by 6 men with such pride in their job. Not only because they are supporting their own families, but because they know the efforts of the work are changing their community. Generationally. 

This year, with your help, we are prayerfully looking into purchasing land to start growing our food, we have scheduled our second kitchen expansion/renovation, and we are believing that this will be the year we are finally able to work out the details for feeding our third campus of students.

Join us today by donating your lunch money! Changing the world has never been so simple!

Click here to donate!

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